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Gatto Pups Rescue Roast...

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Coffee Rescue has teamed up with Joe Gatto (known best from the hit television show "Impractical Jokers"), to craft a brand-new flavored coffee roast that is truly "paw-fect". The Gatto Pups Rescue Roast is a Fair-Trade Organic, Ethically-Sourced light roast coffee blend from Ethiopia, Peru, Honduras and El Salvador. The smooth flavors of vanilla and maple nut give it a warm, comforting feel with a smooth finish

The Gatto Pups Rescue Roast is the first of its kind for Coffee Rescue and we are SO EXCITED to announce that we are proudly donating $1.00 from every bag of coffee sold to The LovePup Foundation!

The LovePup Foundation is a non-profit animal rescue organization in Arizona that was founded by

104.7 Kiss FM's Johnjay Van Es in 2014. This foundation has rescued, placed, rehabilitated and reunited over 1000 dogs. The LovePup Foundation has a special place in Joe Gatto's heart, as this is where he adopted his dog Spumoni!

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For the past 10 years, Coffee Rescue has served high-quality coffee and pastries to our customers in our coffee food truck. In 2012, we started our journey as the second food truck in Kalamazoo, and have now grown into a brick-and-mortar coffee shop and coffee catering business in Portage, MI. 

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