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From Our Family to Yours

Enjoy your morning with fresh coffee at our local coffee shop in Portage, MI

For the past 10 years, Coffee Rescue has served high-quality coffee and pastries to our customers in our coffee food truck. In 2012, we started our journey as the second food truck in Kalamazoo, and have now grown into a brick-and-mortar coffee shop and coffee catering business in Portage, MI. We began operating as a way to provide income for a family member after going through a financial crisis. After getting our family member to a better place, we slowly started to build a stable customer base. Though we no longer operate out of our original ambulance, we've expanded into a number of coffee food trucks, a mobile coffee catering company and our new drive-thru!

Serving only the most delicious coffee

The team at Coffee Rescue makes sure to use only the finest ingredients in our coffee roasting process. We're known for our coffee blends from:

  • Ethiopia
  • El Salvador
  • Peru

With every sip of coffee you take, you're going to taste crisp notes of lemon, citrus, dark chocolate and caramel. Whether you visit our food truck in Kalamazoo or brick-and-mortar shop, you'll always receive top-notch quality coffee. Call us today to learn more about our coffee making process.

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